The West Torrens Rotary club was formed in 1979 and is made up of local residents.  Over the years we have supported the local community by being involved with organisations such as schools, and kindergartens.

We have had a long association with Errington special school, formerly Ashford Special school including the construction of a playground in the old site and the provision of bicycles for students. We regularly help provide tops for senior students and to the absolute delight of students we make sure the Easter bunny visits each year.

Over the years we have supported St Jude’s School we have seen the school grow in the numbers and age range of children for which it can cater. With our support past students entering university gain skills to help their fellow countrymen which exemplifies the philosophy of Rotary.


The club sponsors local high school students to attend personal training programs as well as educational programs.


Working in conjunction with the local, council we support some of their initiatives, such as tree planting.
Sometimes local residents require assistance which we are able to support.

Developmental work for tree planting at “Our Patch”, located near Adelaide Airport.







On a larger scale we are involved in a conjoint program with Nazareth school to assist in developing facilities in small villages located near the city of Baucou in Timor Leste. Our involvement has helped to provide the building of a health clinic and the development of school playgrounds.

The club, through connections with Rotary International supports a worldwide program to eradicate Polio.


To help support our activities we raise funds by running  BBq’s for different organizations. Hungry customers at National Railway museum.