Meeting Structure

Currently the club meets each Tuesday for an evening meal and enjoy fellowship. On these occasions, besides organizing and reporting back on club matters we take the opportunity to invite guest speakers to address a variety of matters of general and public interest. Our learning and understanding is extended through these informative discussions given that speakers come from a variety of business, educational, scientific and social backgrounds. Of particular note, we ask those recipients whom we have supported to attend a youth development program, to relate their personal learning experiences at a meeting.

Julie Sharpe, EO from Genesis Pregnancy Support Inc spoke to members and presented with a donation towards  their work in helping women with pregnancy concerns.

Club Fellowship

Club members create opportunities to socialize and celebrate the work we do. Some regular events include club birthday, changeover dinner, the Melbourne Cup brunch and a Christmas function. There are the “mostly” weekly coffee mornings when club members meet for a morning chat over refreshments. Special events such as our Brazilian Night are held to simply have a good time and enjoy each others company.

Brazilian Night- A night of fun







Club Projects

We have had a long association with Errington special school, formerly Ashford Special school including the construction of a playground in the old site and the provision of bicycles for students. We regularly help provide tops for senior students and to the absolute delight of students we make sure the Easter bunny visits each year.


Over the years we have supported St Jude’s School we have seen the school grow in the numbers and age range of children for which it can cater. With our support past students entering university gain skills to help their fellow countrymen which exemplifies the philosophy of Rotary.

Working in conjunction with the local council we support some of their initiatives, such as tree planting or contributing to council initiated promotional activities.  Members are sometimes able to help local residents who require particular types of assistance such as a yard clean up.

Developmental work for tree planting at “Our Patch”, located near Adelaide Airport.







On a larger scale we are involved in a conjoint program with Nazareth school to assist in developing facilities in small villages located near the city of Baucou in Timor Leste. Our involvement has helped to provide the building of a health clinic and the development of school playgrounds.



The club, through connections with Rotary International supports a worldwide program to eradicate Polio. Our club like many clubs around the world contribute money towards a global fund which supports a program to eradicate Polio from countries around the world. The global fund is also supported by the Gates Foundation  which subsidizes monies from Rotary.  At the present time there are only two countries where small pockets exist.

With the “Polio Ute” program running in late 2020, our club took the opportunity to contact the SA Polio Foundation  and have guest speakers attend our November. Mr Ron Blackwell spoke of his childhood polio journey and how it had impacted on his family.

Ray and Ron Blackwell ( extreme left and right)








To help support our activities we raise funds by running  BBq’s for different organizations.


Hungry Customers at the National Railway Museum