Meeting Structure

Currently the club meets each Tuesday for an evening meal and enjoy fellowship. On these occasions, besides organizing and reporting back on club matters we take the opportunity to invite a range of guest speakers.

During Covid, engaging speakers was difficult but we were able to maintain informative discussions on a range of topics either via Zoom or by personal presentation. Some broadly based topics we have investigated include, cryptocurrencies, tuberculosis and  avoiding scams. Other  more community centered topics  (Local and International)  have included speakers from MOSH ( Mitigation of Suicidal Harm), Treasure Boxes (family support),  Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and Immune Deficiencies Foundation, Catherine House, Henley Beach Little Nippers, RFDS and the 2h project re mothers health in Cambodia. Our learning and understanding is extended through these informative discussions given that speakers come from a variety of business, medical, educational, scientific and social backgrounds.

We ask those recipients whom we have supported to attend a youth development program such RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Awards or RYPEN ( Rotary Youth program of Enrichment , to relate their personal learning experiences at one of our meetings. Similarly we sponsor young people to attend NYSF, the National Youth Science Forum which aims to foster the interests in the branches of Science.

Anthony provided insights into RFDS operations

Club Fellowship

Club members create opportunities to socialize and celebrate the work we do. Some regular events include club birthdays, changeover dinners, the Melbourne Cup brunch, lunches  and a Christmas function. We also on occasion visit work sites as part of “vocation” followed by an informal drink or meal.

Anniversary celebrations


A social  visit to the police museum.

Some Special club Highlights

St Jude’s School : Over the years that we have supported St Jude’s School, it has grown not only  in the numbers but also in the age range of children for which it caters. With our support past students entering university gain skills to help their fellow countrymen which exemplifies the philosophy of Rotary. Although our current financial connection has ceased we are appreciative of receiving newsletters from the school.

West Torrens Council Collaboration: Working in conjunction with the local council we support some of their initiatives, such as tree planting or contributing to council initiated promotional activities. This area is now well and truly “forested” with trees.

Developmental work for tree planting at “Our Patch”, located near Adelaide Airport.

The result, years later after due nurturing .

Nazareth Outreach Program: For ten years our club was involved in a conjoint program with Nazareth school to assist in developing facilities in small villages located near the city of Baucou in Timor Leste. The club involvement has helped provide the building of a health clinic and the development of school playgrounds. Covid placed this project in jeopardy and unfortunately could no longer proceed.


A New clinic for Triloka


To contribute to the development of local and international communities and support our Youth,  we must raise funds to support those groups. Our primary source of  income derives from running bbq’s for various organizations such as Bunnings.