Some Immediately Past and Current Projects and Activities

Mary Potter Hospice: Club Members help with fundraising through the ” Walk for Love”  even through Covid. The limited numbers  had a financial impact, but nonetheless  the enthusiastic walkers were keen to offer their support. Now that restrictions have been lifted 1n 2022 the club ran a BBq for the walkers and also offered financial assistance. We also support the Hospice when they run their annual Golf day by running their BBq for the participants.

Club members join Hospice volunteers to raise funds.
In 2022 we returned to barbecuing for the walkers.

Foodbank: Currently there are supply issues so our work with the Foodbank is in temporary recess.

West Torrens Council initiatives: BBq’s at vaccination sites during Covid. Support for individual community members.

Nazareth College with the Timor Leste Outreach program. In Partnership with Nazareth College, the Club was awarded a World Community International Award for their work in Timor Leste.We are currently trying to determine what the next stages of our association with Nazareth College might be.

Inaugural School and Rotary team members – Timor Leste


Polio Plus: A world wide project which we financially support via Rotary International.

Supported Individual Families affected by Kangaroo Island Bushfires: Club members and their contacts organized collections of games and learning materials suitable for  children of different ages.

Student Enrichment Programs: These  include National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) , Conocco Phillips Science Project, Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA),  Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) and UN Youth National Conference. Our club offers financial support to aspiring candidates if they have met necessary criteria.

Schools : In 2022-23 we have ceased our long time financial support for the School of St Jude in Tanzania although we still maintain contact with the site.

Guides: We have had a good working relationship with the local girl guides in helping each other with equipment and facilities.

“One Offs” : On a more irregular basis, we are often asked to assist with catering on special occasions. For example; Public events like the opening of a section of South Road  or  the open day held at the Calvary Hospital.

Joining other volunteer groups, our club assisted with catering on the opening of the South Road/ Port road Underpass.


A special one off project was the painting of pergolas along with the parents and staff at the Netley Kindergarten.

Parents and club members painted pergolas, seats and play equipment