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Our regular commitment to support Foodbank has generally revolved around a streamlined production line  of creating packing boxes, filling those boxes with relevant food items and stacking said boxes on pallets ready for distribution. There are times when we have unpacked different pallets of food items to be included  for inclusion in the home packs.

The  original  program of volunteering on Fridays grew from monthly visits to a fortnightly  cycle. We  worked along side other volunteers in a productive and cheerful environment to complete our designated tasks. There certainly was a degree of satisfaction in knowing we were contributing to the successful operation of a respected, valued and needed organization.

After a hiatus in 2020, volunteering at Foodbank  recommenced in  January 2021 with two main tasks, unloading four large crates of Mandarins into smaller more manageable crates and needing to repack existing boxes of donated goods. These items were then sent to smaller Foodbank centres  for distribution.

Unfortunately our work with Foodbank has come to a temporary halt as the supply of goods for distribution has been reduced and our support is currently not required. We wait in anticipation to again supporting this important community organization.

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